palazzo estate property finding


Palazzo Estate also provides its customers with the Property Finding service, that is the possibility for the buyer to find the suitable property without wasting time.

The potential buyer is a person who:

- has no time or desire to look for the property alone;
- has already tried unsuccessfully;
- considers research as hard work;
- he wants to save money because spending time in an unknown business is difficult and expensive and it is difficult to start a business negotiation;
- is afraid of market traps, bureaucracy and laws as they could be complicated;
- is looking for a professional who will be the only trusted partner to stay with the client until the conclusion of the negotiation and even after;
- lives and works far from the area of interest, is in a hurry to find a solution or needs maximum confidentiality;
- he is truly motivated to find a property that reflects his needs.


Our Property Finder:

- will schedule a meeting at your home,
- will ask detailed questions to understand your needs, expectations and preferences to identify the correct type of property, amenities and areas of interest, taking into consideration your budget and time to fulfill your project and desire for property.
- It will also analyze taxation and family needs by involving specialists if necessary.
- The search will last until the client is completely satisfied with the real estate proposal.


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