Enjoying your property in Italy is one thing, keeping it is another thing. If you own a holiday home in Italy, it is very likely that your home will not be inhabited for a short or long period of the year. In your absence you want everything to be settled, when you are in Italy you want to relax and enjoy your home. In this case, it is very important to have a trusted person who takes care of your vacation rental when you are not around and acts on your behalf by checking your property and performing maintenance regularly. The solution is to involve a property management company. The property manager provides a personal touch and solves any problems in your absence.Property management fees usually depend on the types of services the customer wishes to use.

Palazzo Estate Srl offers customized property management packages with various options and guarantees high quality management services, such as:

Local representation;
Regular property checks;
Ad hoc checks due to thunderstorms (flood, strong wind, etc.);
Collection of bills and mail;
Tax management;
Insurance and utility management;
Cleaning and laundry services;
Garden and land maintenance services;
Swimming pool maintenance;
Urgent repairs;
Detailed information on the state of the property;
Home staging;
Linguistic assistance;
Financial assistance.
Come and visit us in our offices! We have a wide variety of services for you!

Property renovation and project management

Our company also offers renovation management services.In many cases, our clients find anything but a property ready to live. Sometimes an old house requires complete demolition and reconstruction, sometimes our clients just find a nice piece of scenic land. In any case, these types of projects require careful supervision paying attention to quality, cost and time.Language barriers and difficulties in understanding local building laws and translating your wishes to an architect make the renovation a little tricky, especially if you're not there.If you are planning to start simple or complex projects, it is essential to find a trusted agency (who speaks your language) with experience, who is able to understand your wishes and regularly checks the renovation project.To understand exactly all your needs, our managers listen carefully to all your wishes, together with you they think of a detailed plan and ask specific questions.Thanks to our large network of construction companies, architects, plumbers, electricians and other specialists with excellent reputation, fair prices and high quality of work, we can offer the complete service and stay close to every step of the renovation.

What we can do for you:

Management of the construction and renovation of the property;
Excellent understanding of your specific wishes and needs regarding the project;
Finding the right parties to involve at any stage of the project: local architects, interior architects and builders with good reputations and honest prices and all the necessary specialists such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians and others;
Provide suggestions on how the project can maximize income;
Accompany and / or represent you with all the competent authorities;
Arrange and manage all necessary meetings between you and the third parties;
Update the map and cadastral plan before the sale and after the renovation;
Translate all relevant documents and conversations accurately and in a timely manner;
Own furniture.
We are waiting for you to enjoy your home in Italy!


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