When MADE IN ITALY is the benefit par excellence in luxury homes

In the world of luxury, Italian craftsmanship is a guarantee of quality, not only in fashion, but also when it comes to millionaire houses.

Custom kitchens and furniture

Italian artisan carpentry is one of the most recurring benefits in prestigious real estate advertisements, when it comes to made in Italy: in the sales of apartments in the main western cities, such as New York or Frankfurt, the presence of a kitchen made in Italy. Large islands, neutral colors and custom-made pantries are the most common features among those who choose to furnish the kitchen area with home-grown furniture. But there is no shortage of more eccentric kitchens, such as the one made in purple for a large one villa in San Josè, in Costa Rica, on sale for around 4 million euros.

In many advertisements for prestigious properties for sale in Eastern countries, such as Croatia, Ukraine and Russia, the exclusively Italian origin of all furniture and furnishing accessories is often indicated as an added value. In some cases, Italian labor is employed directly on site: in an advertisement for the sale of one villa near Tel Aviv, for example, it is told of how only Italian artisans worked on the interiors, a surplus that brings the price to almost 9 million euros.

Materials from Italy: marble is the most popular among wealthy owners

Investigating the use of Italian materials in luxury properties, marble is the most popular in prestige advertisements. Whether it is houses furnished in a modern style, or whether you appreciate more a classic furniture, marble seems to make everyone agree, so much so that the ads that tell of its presence in the house relate to different types of properties. TO Telluride, in Colorado, for example, an immense ultra-modern villa with a private spa, beauty salon, gym and cellar where prestigious Italian marbles have been used is on sale for over 25,5 million euros.

In addition to large travertine slabs, hand-made mosaics are often found in luxury properties, as in the case of a Berlin villa in whose entrance a very particular checkerboard floor has been laid, rich in shades from black to cream. The same ones found in the drawings made for a singular floor of one villa in Nicosia (Cyprus) and for that of one mega villa in Dubai, with a top secret price, in which geometric and floral motifs are found, different for each room.

However, there are also Italian ceramics and porcelains that are used for the most luxurious bathrooms, with Jacuzzis and small spas, and for the creation of floor tiles with more particular and personalized designs.

Fun Fact: Hurricane-Proof Art, Paintings and Materials!

Italian art could not be missing as a benefit in luxury properties. In a villa of 350 square meters, overlooking the Black Sea in Bulgaria, on sale for only 368 thousand euros, part of a fresco from an unspecified cathedral in our country was reproduced by an Italian artist.

Finally, perhaps it is not so well known that in our country even windows and materials are produced… hurricane-proof! In the announcement of over 4,5 million euros for the sale of a dream villa in Cockburn Town, in the Bahamas, it is specified that both the materials used for the construction and the fixtures are exclusively of Italian origin, and that the whole is resistant to the tropical storms that in some seasons hit the area.


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